Sleeping in the hammock

federwiege gewoehnenget used to the swing hammock for babies

A sleep hammock could change your life! Sleeping is a topic that affects the whole family and often leads to problems in everyday life. A night of restful sleep is very important for children of all ages. Countless pieces of advice from acquaintances, relatives, and friends can be listened to and implemented in this difficult time. But the fact is that every child has their own sleep rhythm and determines the course of action.

How to use a sleep hammock correctly? – When using a baby swing hammock there is not much you can actually do wrong. There are also no guidelines on duration and frequency.

Tips on how to use the sleep hammock for babies correctly

Here we clarify some points that must be observed when using the hammock.

Never leave your baby alone

icon federwiege sehr wichtigThis cannot be pointed out clearly enough. During the first months, you should never leave your newborn baby alone if possible. If he or she has fallen asleep peacefully, there is of course no reason why you should not leave the room and use a baby monitor.

How can I put my baby in a sleep hammock?

This is not a science and there are no fixed rules or guidelines. Basically, you do it exactly the same way as usual, for example when you put your baby on the changing table. When carrying your newborn, you instinctively choose a safe and comfortable position. You will do the same here.

To give a concrete answer to this question, you could do the following: hold your newborn in front of your breast (e.g. in a sling). One hand holds the body, the other supports the head. Now carefully bend over the open side of the swing hammock and gently place your baby in the cradle. Carefully remove your hands and start rocking gently.

Getting my child used to the swing hammock – The perfect sleeping aid

Small children are (usually) fascinated by feather cradles and lie quite still in a hammock at the beginning. The rocking movements resemble those in the womb and look very familiar. This familiarity is what has a calming effect, because the unknown often scares young children. They enjoy the lulling and cuddly atmosphere and fall into a well-deserved sleep early.

A blanket in the fswing hammock?

icon swing hammock important

No matter whether you use a swing hammock or a normal bed, you should definitely do without a blanket in the first few months. The danger that your newborn child will turn in an awkward position and suffocate under a blanket is simply too high. This task is initially taken over by the sleeping bag.

With sleeping bag in the hammock

Under the sleeping bag, children either wear a body or nothing apart from the diaper, so that the heat generated cannot build up. The constriction caused by a sleeping bag reminds of the feeling in the womb and has a calming effect.

Safety belt to fasten

Many models for toddlers have the possibility to strap children in. This reduces the risk of young children in particular falling out of a hammock.


Puking in the sleep hammock

Pucking is a way to help the child to come to rest by using a towel or blanket. The blanket is wrapped tightly around the child and attached to the sides.

The limited freedom of movement that this creates effectively helps to calm excited children. Children who are overexcited or tired constantly move their small arms and legs so that they keep themselves awake. By pressing the small arms and legs against the body, the child is able to calm down and enjoy the peace and quiet. Spitting combined with the use of a hammock can be very effective in fighting overstimulation.

Babie puking

The children wrapped in the blanket are placed in the hammock hanging ready, making sure that the children lie comfortably. Being cuddled up and the gentle rocking movements do not miss their effect. The feeling of security and the high sleeping comfort allow for a restful deep sleep.

How long a day? – the cradle swing bed as permanent sleeping place

icon federwiege dauer 2Your newborn baby is free to decide how often or how long the cradle is used. There are no rules or laws here. In the first month the little worms want to sleep in addition to regular meals. If this works best in the swig hammock, there is no reason why you should not use it.

Small children are very sensitive. If they feel comfortable in the swing hammock and get their restful sleep, then be happy about this fact and use the cradle as often as you like.

During the day in the sleep hammock

icon federwiege tagsueberFor newborns, the swing hammock can take over the role of the bassinet during the day. An additional frame, for example, allows the hammocks to be set up in different rooms according to requirements. This allows the child to sleep in its mobile hammock during the day in the parlour or other rooms.

Even later the cradle can always be used as a place of retreat. If the hammock hangs a little lower and you create a well-padded sleeping corner, your child will want to climb in on its own. This is a real challenge at that age and trains the body control and sense of balance.

Many cradle bags can be loaded up to 66lbs without spring. Therefore they can also be used as a hanging seat by older children during the day.

Baby nap in the hammock

icon federwiege mittagAs already described, there is no time limit for the use of the spring cradle. Therefore it is also the perfect place for a nap.

When it comes to getting your child used to a normal bed later on, a nap in the swing hammock could be the solution for the transition. You can find more information about “weaning off” here.

babybubu swing hammock

Night sleep in the swing hammock

icon federwiege nachtIn principle, a swing hammock can be used in exactly the same way as a side bed and also offers many other advantages. This semi-open bed can be placed right next to the parents’ bed so that the mother does not have to get up at night when her baby needs it. Your baby still has its own room. Just like the additional bed, you can mount the spring cradle directly in the bedroom.

Depending on the season you should also use a sleeping bag.

Sleep through the whole night

The swinging baby bed is an excellent aid to fall asleep or especially for children with colic or other complaints. The swing hammock can also help your child sleep through the night earlier.

The main reason why this cannot work in the beginning is hunger.

In the first few months, this is simply too frequent in newborns, so that sleeping through the night is out of the question.

If this problem has resolved itself after a few months, only the external factors remain, which can be optimized with a spring cradle.

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Disadvantages and problems

In addition to the many positive characteristics, some parents also report problems and disadvantages with their cradle.

Problems during installation

This should not be a problem, because correct installation is absolutely necessary. Exemplary manufacturers deliver their spring cradles already fully assembled. So the spring balance comes with suspension and all safety precautions and can be used directly.

If this is not the case or you need to disassemble the cradle, a construction plan or instructions should be available.

The actual structure is also not a witchcraft and is described further here. Most important is the safety rope, which prevents the fall in case of a broken spring.

Sleep hammock too strong or too rigid

Many parents regret that the springs are too strong and do not resonate for long. This is a real problem, especially when the newborns hardly weigh any weight. Pay attention to this when buying. A good spring swings 60-70 times per second.

Swing hammock too hard or too fast

This problem occurs if the spring has been used for a very long time or if your child simply becomes too heavy. To ensure a consistent swing experience, it is recommended that you purchase a spring upgrade. You can find more information here.

Spring cradle squeaks

This is also more likely to happen when the nib is older and has its best days behind it. In the worst case, material fatigue soon occurs. Since the costs for a spring are manageable, I would always advise to buy a new one.


Otherwise the spring cradle is virtually silent. Some manufacturers use metal for their safety rope, this produces unpleasant noises when rubbing the spring. Otherwise there is nothing to consider here.

Head lies too low

This problem is often described in the comments. This is due to the fact that the shape of the weighing bag is not optimal. This is not the case with every newborn baby and can only be found out by extensive tests. Renowned manufacturers should not have this problem anymore, as they continue to optimize their products with the experience gained. Pay attention to this when making your choice.

If you find this problem with your spring cradle, it is best to contact the manufacturer.

Sleep hammock simply does not work

But of course there are also babies who do not feel comfortable in a sleep hammock. Especially if your little one is already a few months old and has previously slept in a baby cot, it can be that the changeover to a feather cradle is difficult and he or she must first get used to rocking. To test whether your baby feels comfortable in a cradle, it is best to wait for a suitable moment.

The ideal time is when your baby is awake, in a good mood, full and rested. In this way you can be sure that the reaction is actually related to the feather cradle and that your little one is not restless because he has slept badly. First, place your baby in the hammock for a few moments and see how she reacts. If he or she obviously does not feel well, you should not use a cradle for your baby.

The sleep hammock test: Will my baby like it?

Most babies, however, love the rocking in the springy hammocks. If you don’t have a spring cradle yet and want to find out if your baby will be comfortable in one, there is a fairly simple way to test this. Just take a large towel, a bath towel for example, or a baby sling. Spread this out and place your baby in it. Then fold the ends together so that your baby lies in a bag.

Now lift up this package and swing it up and down and back and forth, just as the spring cradle would swing. You must do this for a few minutes, even if it is strenuous. If your baby now makes a slight sound, this is a very good sign. This “sounding” means that your baby is relaxing and enjoying the rocking movements. If your little one is whining, you know that the swing hammock is not suitable for your baby.


A hammock can positively influence not only the sleeping behaviour but also the development of babies.

Hammocks for babies and toddlers are something special, because the coordination of movement, the sense of balance and posture can be positively stimulated. Colic, which occurs in the first three months of a baby’s life, can be relieved with the help of a hammock. The up and down movements caused by rocking can effectively relieve the pain. The advantages of a swing hammock have been proven and have been tried and tested many times.

Playing, sleeping and cuddling are combined, which can hardly be surpassed in diversity.

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