Baby swing hammocks and cradles xl for large children and adults

hammocks for grown people

This swing experience of sleep hammocks is so relaxing that of course older children or even adults want to enjoy it too.

Are there swing hammocks for large children and adults? – Yes, for older children there is a spring upgrade or they can use the cradle without a spring.
For adults there are models that can withstand a higher load.

Information on the load

First of all, it must be clarified how to understand the information on exposure.

Baby hammock weight limit

icon federwiege belastungMost manufacturers state that their baby cradles can carry a weight of up to 33 lbs. This refers primarily only to the spring. Usually the cradle bag of the swing cradle can carry a load of 66 lbs or more, but must then be used without the spring. Many manufacturers often forget to state this explicitly.

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Swing cradles for elders

Therefore most baby cradles are also interesting for older children. These can then not necessarily be used for sleeping, but rather as hanging chairs. For all those who do not want to do without the gentle swinging of the spring, there is a solution.

Spring upgrade up to 66 lbs or more

The company BabyBubu has developed a spring upgrade that allows up to 4 springs to be clamped. According to their own information, this allows a constant swinging up to 66 lbs.

babybubu upgrade for Baby swing hammocks and cradles xl for large children and adults

Of course the calculation does not work out at first sight, because 4 springs with 33 lbs load force each together could lift up to 120 lbs and more.

This can be explained as follows: Each spring, of course, has a specific area where it will vibrate best. A baby weighing 11 lbs will naturally swing much more often than a toddler weighing 33 lbs. Here, after a few up and down movements, spring would sag at some point at maximum length.

This means that the second spring does not have to be added when the new generation reaches the 33 lbs limit. If you add it already at 15-17 lbs, the vibration behaviour remains relatively constant. This is then guaranteed up to about 66 lbs.


icon federwiege montageWhen your children grow up and want to continue using the cradle, you need to consider how and where it will be placed in the future.

Fastening to the ceiling and most doorframe clamps can only support a maximum load up to 33 lbs (some 44 lbs).

The specifications for the frames for swing baby cradles vary, but very few can manage more than 66 lbs. We have put together a few cheap alternatives.

Baby swing hammocks and cradles xl for large children and adults
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Spring hammocks for adults

Anyone who has seen his newborn child slumbering in its swing hammock will have felt something like envy. There are similar solutions for adults, which can withstand a higher load and have a larger lying surface. This means that it can be used by adults or even several people.

Hanging cradles from Amanka

The Amanka hammock is a completely different caliber. This one can be seen as our price/performance test winner, because despite the very low price it promises a stable construction and good workmanship. In terms of space, comfort and quality, we do not think you can compete with Fatboy’s product, but of course you always have to look at it in relation to the price. If you don’t set your standards too high, don’t necessarily want to lie in a hammock with two or three people (maximum load: 260 lbs) and can manage with the usual “stuff” for the mat itself, you may well consider buying one. As at place 1, the frame is relatively quick to assemble and disassemble and not particularly heavy (approx. 44 lbs), so that you can take the hammock including the frame with you when you travel. When folded, the set is about 35 cm wide and 1.10 meters long, so that you can easily transport it in a car. After unpacking, the hammock should first be aired outdoors for a while to allow the typical packaging smell to dissipate. If you primarily look at the price and still want to enjoy a good quality, you can choose the Amazonas Hammock without hesitation.

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