When to stop using baby swing?

how long can you use a swing hammock for babies

When to stop using baby swing? – Usually, the service life depends on the spring and it varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. A weight limit of 33 lbs is indicated, with some manufacturers also 44 lbs. There is the possibility to buy stronger springs or to install several springs via a spring system. Regardless of the spring, the payload of the cradle must be checked. Some manufacturers promise a maximum load of up to 66 lbs.

Weight limit – How long can babies use a swing hammock?

Here you will find a chart that shows you up to what age or weight a swing hammock can be used. Every child develops differently. The curve in the following diagram corresponds to the average, which is the development of about 50% of all boys and girls.

weight limit - how long can you use a swing hammock for babies

How long can you use a baby swing?

Usually babies from eight months of age move over to the crib, but still love to rock in the swing hammock. Some babies grow out of the hammock after only one year, some love to swing in it until they are three years or older. Some manufacturers offer extensions. The hammock can be transformed into a hanging chair or a real hammock with a larger mattress.

higher weight limit – Swing hammocks that can be used with over 33 lbs

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LaLeLu Babyhängematte*

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  • 100% GOTS-zertifizierter Biobaumwolle
  • 3 versch. Designs
15kg 70cm 35cm 4,7 (14) 199,00 €


  • inkl. Feder, Matratze und 3x Aufhängung!!!
  • BIO-Baumwolle (BIO-kbA) und Matratze mit Kunstfasern
18kg 40kg 85cm 30cm 4,3 (16) 179,00 €

NONOMO Federwiege*

  • inkl. Feder, Matratze und Aufhängung
  • 100% ungebleichte Bio-Baumwolle
  • TÜV-SÜD geprüft
  • 2019 mit dem PLUS X AWARD für High Quality, Design und Ergonomie ausgezeichnet
15kg 85cm 30cm 4,3 (16) 205,00 €

DuneDesign Baby Hängematte*

  • inkl. Feder, Matratze und Aufhängung
  • 100% Baumwolle
  • günstig und beliebt
15kg 70cm 36cm 3,9 (45) 59,99 €

BabyBubu Federwiege 3in1*

  • inkl. geschützer Sicherheitsfeder, Matratze und Aufhängung
  • mitwachsend (bis 31kg)
  • Entwickelt in Deutschland, Hergestellt in Europa
16kg 31kg 80cm 30cm 4,3 (120) 180,95 €

Leander Wiege*

  • edle Hängewiege
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  80cm 30cm 4,2 (7) 209,00 €

Wombagee Classic*

  • inkl. Feder und Aufhängung
  • in verschiedenen Farben erhältich
  • weitere Infos in unserem Artikel
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  • TÜV geprüft
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Kängurooh Original Kiddy-Jojo®*

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9kg     4,3 (5) 199,91 €

Amazonas Kangoo*

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La Siesta Babyhängematte Yayita*

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Federwiege HOBEA*

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Lola YoYo Babyhängematte*

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Bella Chica Natura*

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30kg 30kg 90cm 50cm 4,5 (23) 94,90 €

But there is one more important rule

Small children learn to stand up independently at around eight to nine months of age. Before this time, you can also let your baby sleep unattended in the cradle, as there is no danger of him or her falling out. Alternatively (with some manufacturers) there is the possibility of retrofitting a safety belt.

There are no real guidelines for this. If your baby can still rock in the hammock from its maximum weight, but your little one obviously doesn’t enjoy it anymore, it is time to sort out the cradle. On the other hand, there is no reason why you should not leave your baby in the swing hammock for the first few years if he or she likes the rocking and is calmed by the gentle rocking. Experience shows that most babies want to use feather cradles as long as possible. Weighing reminds them of their time in the womb and the cradle is, therefore, a refuge of security for them.

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