Is a hammock safe for babies?

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With our newborns, the concern about possible dangers is naturally particularly high. There are enough dangers lurking in everyday life, so there is no need to bring additional risk factors into the home.

Are Hammocks safe for babies? – When used correctly and following all instructions, the swing hammock is an absolutely safe and comfortable retreat for newborns and infants.

Baby hammock dangers

Without exception, all parents have an accident anecdote of their child that ends with the words “you can’t think that stupid”.

One must always be aware that newborns on their voyages of discovery sometimes fall on their nose. That is why one must not be afraid, but rather mindful and always be aware of certain risks.

Here are some of the dangers that are associated with swing hammocks.

Can a baby fall out of its hammock?

Yes, of course. Just like it can fall out of a crib or off a sofa if you’re not careful. A cradle is a piece of furniture, but your newborn baby should never be left unattended.

During the first months they are quite immobile and the danger is low. When they become more active at 5-7 months, babies will try a lot and a swing cradle will certainly look tempting in a child’s eyes. Ideally, you should have a pillow or a small mattress under the cradle so that they can practise sufficiently.
After all, independent “getting in” requires a lot of strength and a well-trained sense of balance.

Can my child strangle herself?

Surely the worst scenario is that her newborn child strangles herself at the feather cradle. Unfortunately, not all scenarios can be predicted. Therefore please never leave your newborn alone or only for a (very) short time.

Otherwise there are no components on the cradle where this danger is present. Only the loops on the crossbar, these are ideally firmly connected to the wood. Newborns cannot reach the suspension, there is no danger here.

Sudden infant death in the hammock

Until today there are no concrete connections or a special cause for sudden infant death. It is often a chain of circumstances that lead to this horror scenario.

The swing cradle even helps to avoid some suspected causes. These include:

Sleeping on the tummy

Due to the shape of the cradle, the back position is simply the most comfortable. If you turn on your stomach, it is usually so uncomfortable that the little ones wake up.

Of course there are children who simply prefer the position on there stomach. You can “train” that, but if that doesn’t work, the spring cradle might not be the best choice.

Good air circulation

The fabrics should not be bleached or chemically processed or dyed, because your baby can also absorb harmful substances through inhalation. Most manufacturers use 100% sustainable cotton for the feather cradle and unvarnished wood or jute. The cradle mattress should also be made of natural and sustainable materials. We particularly recommend mattresses made of sheep’s wool, which act as natural temperature regulators due to the lanolin fabric. In winter they preserve the warmth, in summer the coolness, so that you do not need an extra blanket for your baby.

Padded mattresses, on the other hand, can cause too much heat to be given off and your baby to overheat. You should avoid this if possible.

The breathable cradle bag ensures a pleasant climate and sufficient oxygen. Please do not hang anything over the cradle and ventilate regularly and sufficiently.

Keep children close

With a swing cradle you are mobile and you can place your newborn next to your bed with a frame.

What else you should consider:

  • No objects and toys in bed
  • Do not use a blanket (maximum one sleeping bag)
  • No headgear
  • pacifier, if desired
  • Not smoking
  • Breastfeeding to prevent infections

Hammock spring broke

This is probably the greatest danger, but it is also certainly often due to incorrect handling. On the one hand, please pay attention to the operating instructions and possible notes. Otherwise, there should be a rotary link in the suspension to allow rotation around its own axis. If this link is not present, the load is on the spring and it is not designed for this permanently.

Even if you take all this into account, material fatigue can simply occur, it simply cannot be avoided. For this case a safety rope should be available. This connects the fastening (ceiling, door frame clamp, frame etc.) with the weighing bag. It is longer than the spring and can swing freely during normal operation. If the spring should break, it prevents the cradle from falling. In this case you should make sure that the rope is not made of metal, otherwise there will be grinding noises.

Additionally you can place a cushion under the hanging cradle.

Swing hammock with certificate

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When it comes to security, many people look for a seal and a certificate is of course desirable. However, this does not necessarily mean that products without a certificate are equally bad, it just has not been officially confirmed.

The problem with the certificate is the high financial effort. Many featherweight manufacturers are small self-founded companies without a large economic mesh series in the background. Here the costs for an inspection by an official body are often simply too high. This problem is also known to other branches of industry, for example the tuning scene in the automotive sector.

Why baby hammocks are safe

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In the first three years of life, the support of toddlers and babies is an important basis for stimulating their development. Baby hammocks are able to positively influence important areas of early childhood development such as the sense of balance, foot and hand coordination or the five senses. The stress factor with small babies and children is very high, because especially in the first period after birth you have to get used to each other and find a regular daily routine. Sleepless nights and problems such as colic are a great strain. You can find more information on these topics here.

A restful sleep helps children and babies to process experiences and is very important for balance. A hammock offers the possibility to offer the smallest ones a high sleeping comfort. This sleeping comfort allows not only a relaxed falling asleep, but also a prolonged deep sleep phase. Especially the deep sleep phase is important for recovery and relaxation.

Secure cradle bag

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Most models have raised sides to prevent them from falling out. Swing cradles for small children often have straps that are used to secure children. The buckling is especially important for lively children, because the rocking movements tempt them to use their whole little body.

Attach baby hammock to crib securel

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But not the lying in it or buckles is an important topic in the area of safety. But also the fastening itself is of great importance. Almost every manufacturer of hammocks offers matching fastenings in addition to their products. Meanwhile there are three types of fixings on the market that enable a safe lying in a hammock.

Experts advise not to leave babies and small children alone in the hammock. Each parent alone must decide whether additional safety devices such as a belt are necessary. The fact is, however, that experts advise this and the saying “precaution is better than aftercare” contains much truth.

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