Wombagee swing hammocks

wombagee swing hammock

In the coming weeks, we will present various spring hammocks in more detail, deal with the different features and list the exact scope of delivery. Let’s start today with Wombagee.

The Swing Hammock from berlin

About four years ago, Juliane Werdin was looking for a suitable way to have her newborn baby always close by without having to hold or carry it all the time. She had found the suitable solution in the (at that time still rather unknown) feather cradle. However, the trained designer and nurse was not satisfied with the selection on the market and decided to develop her own model. One year later the Wombagee spring cradle was born and ready to conquer the children’s rooms.
To this day the cradle is being further developed and four different versions are available.

The Wombagee spring cradle is manufactured in a small Berlin manufactory with great attention to detail. The company employs two seamstresses, who prepare the fabrics in their tailor’s shop and are therefore able to respond to individual customer wishes. The wooden parts are exclusively produced by various joineries in Berlin and the spring is supplied by a spring factory in Hamburg.

Wombagee Swing Hammocks

What makes Wombagee so special

The manufacturer himself claims to have the most versatile swing hammocks on the market. And not without reason: The Wombagee is a hammock that grows with your child, so it can be adapted and used according to your child’s height. If the child is too big and doesn’t want to lie in the cradle anymore, the Wombagee can easily be converted into a hanging chair.
An additional feature of the Wombagee swing hammock is that it can also be used as a real hammock (except for the mini version). This means that you can remove the head and foot section and completely stretch the cradle bag across the width.

wombagee Hängematte

Another advantage is the fact that the bag consists of two layers. The outer fabric is made of cotton and the inner fabric of 100% GOTS certified cotton. Many of the other spring cradles on the market have only one layer.

The 4 variants of Wombagee

There are four different versions of the hammock, which differ mainly in the size of the lying surface and total length. In addition, different springs are supplied. The springs of the variants Mini, Basic (formerly “Simple”), and Classic are delivered with the standard spring and can be loaded up to 33 lbs. In addition, there is the spring “Maxi”, which is supplied with the “Giant” version and guarantees a load of up to 55 lbs.
Without the springs the cradles can be used as hanging chairs up to 44 lbs.

Foto Name Load Price
Wombagee Mini

  • from birth for the first six months
  • lying surface: 30 inch x 11 inch
33 lbs / 44 lbs 169,95 €
Wombagee Basic

  • from birth for the first four years
  • lying surface: 35 inch x 15 inch
33 lbs / 44 lbs 185,95 €
Wombagee Classic

  • from birth for the first four years
  • lying surface: 35 inch x 15 inch (with extensive adjustment possibilities)
33 lbs / 44 lbs ab 219,95 €
Wombagee Giant

  • from 2 months to about 5-6 years
  • also suitable for two babies in the first months
  • lying surface: 15 inch x 8 inch (with extensive adjustment possibilities)
6 – 55 lbs 249,95 €

The scope of delivery of the Wombagee Classic

  • double-layer fabric spring cradle including stainless steel D-ring (inner fabric GOTS certified cotton nicki)
  • Specially made stainless steel spring with spring protection to match the weighing model, 60 inch stainless steel chain, three carabiners and a ceiling attachment (for safety reasons without plugs and screws)
  • HR cold foam mattress (100% polyurethane)
  • 1 wooden bridge made of untreated, sanded beech wood, 2 matching wooden sticks
  • Instruction manual

All photos with friendly permission of wombagee. For further information see www.wombagee.de.

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